Arrow Season 5: Episodes 13 and 14, what can we expect next?

Cinema 7 February, 2017

The synopsis of episodes 13 and 14 of the season 5 of Arrow have been unveiled and they are to be discovered now.
Tomorrow night, the fifth season of Arrow continues on the CW . Entitled “Bratva” , this new installment will see Olivier back to Russia for the first time in years and beyond, our hero fall back on familiar faces. The opportunity, perhaps, to know more about the past of the one who became the Green Archer? One thing is certain, in any case: this second part of the season will rise in tension! While the episode 12 of season 5 will be released in just over twenty-four hours in the US, the CW has unveiled the synopsis of the episodes 13 and 14. “Spectre of the Gun” , an attack perpetrated On the City Hall of Star City will bring back painful memories of Rene about his family. The flashbacks will reveal how Rene went from being a simple man to being a hero, Wild Dog. During this time, Oliver will have to find the man behind the attack and he quickly understood that to do so, he will work as mayor and not as Green Arrow . Finally, the tensions will increase in the bunker of the Team.
The following week, in episode 14 entitled “The Sin Eater” , China White (guest star Kelly Hu), Cupid (guest star Amy Gumenick) and Liza Warner (guest star Rutina Wesley) will escape from Iron Heights Will head to Star City in search of vengeance. Oliver will therefore search for them to stop them, but the Anti-Crime Unit of the city will arrive in full combat. To his surprise, Oliver will understand that UAC is there to stop him being accused of the murder of Detective Malone . Meanwhile, Lance will feel responsible for the escape that took place in prison after Warner announces that she heard that he worked with Damien Darhk … Two episodes to be discovered very quickly! Meanwhile, discover melty on the program series of the week ! What are you waiting for?