Arrow season 5: Our top 3 best episodes of the season!

Cinema 17 June, 2017

While Arrow Season 6 will be launched next October on the CW, back on the three best episodes of Season 5!
We loved it ! Yes, the meltynauts, if the fifth season of the CW ‘s flagship show was sometimes very uneven, it did not prevent us from offering us explosive episodes of which it has the secret . Thanks to a charismatic villain and a new team, this chapter 5 had its share of good times and was sometimes excellent. While Melty’s editor wondered if William was going to move to Star City in Arrow Season 6 , let’s get back together on the three best episodes of this fifth installment!
3 / Specter of the Gun (5×13)
This episode deeply affected us because in addition to offering us an intrigue where the suspense was at its height, it tackled the very delicate theme of firearms. Indeed, in the United States, the carrying of weapons is legal and sometimes tragic events take place. At its scale, Arrow attempted to explore the subject by orchestrating a shootout at the City Hall of Star City. And at that time, we did not know yet that Chase was behind all that . What a twist and emotion in this episode where each of our characters ended up in a dramatic situation.
2 / Lian Yu (5×23)
The Season Finale of this fifth chapter has been extremely solid. From start to finish, we wondered if Oliver would succeed in defeating Prometheus as he seemed to be six strokes ahead of our hero. Between the death of Malcolm, the return of Deathstroke, the final confrontation between Chase and Oliver to finish on a breathless cliffhanger, “Lian Yu” set the bar very high thus closing five years of flashbacks. Especially since this Season Finale has allowed us to see how Green Arrow had evolved since the beginning of the show becoming a true hero .
1 / What We Leave Behind (5×09)
For us, it was clearly the best episode of the season like what, Arrow gives the best of itself just before a hiatus of several months since it was the final mid-season of the season. Marked by the discovery of the alliance between Evelyn Sharp and Prometheus, the return of Black Siren and the death of Billy Malone , this episode combined action and emotion. It must be said that it was in this episode that we understood that Prometheus was not a Big Bad like the others and that he was ready to do anything to destroy Oliver from within. While waiting for more info, discover 5 questions that were asked on season 6 of Arrow on melty. And you, what is your top 3 of the best episodes of Arrow’s season 5?