Arrow Season 5: Roy Harper back in Prometheus revenge for Oliver, the theory WTF!

Cinema 12 November, 2016

The rival Oliver Prometheus is in season 5 of Arrow. And if it was Roy Harper coming back for revenge? WTF theory of the week!
This week, in episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow, Oliver discovered her responsibility in the murders of Prometheus . Indeed, not only the Green Arrow found himself in front of the new big bad but in addition, he understood that his rival killed people whose names were anagrams of those of his “to-kill list” . In Season 5 of Arrow , the identity of Prometheus is a great mystery, but many fans of theories have emerged. Shado, Tommy and Robert Queen could be the new big bad, the series would have us believe that it is now Quentin Lance. However, another theory emerges from the fans know that Prometheus knows the “list” of Oliver in season 5 of Arrow . His former protégé Roy Harper aka Arsenal, played by Colton Haynes , could be back for revenge! The ex-boyfriend of Thea is it the man behind the mask in season 5 of Arrow ? This is the theory WTF of the week!
Just as it is hard to believe that Quentin Lance could be Prometheus, we refuse to believe that Roy Harper, who did not hesitate to sacrifice for the Green Arrow and innocent, has returned for revenge in season 5 d ‘Arrow . It would be a bonus became a serial killer! However, we must admit that this hypothesis, though farfetched, is likely. Prometheus handles the bow and arrows to perfection perhaps for the simple reason that it has been driven by Oliver himself ! The first victims of Roy and Prometheus were policemen, this parallel between the two men could be a clue. Finally, the effects of Flashpoint in The Flash could very well have affected Roy Harper as they affected Diggle of life. The Roy Harper Flashpoint was perhaps Prometheus and Dr. Alchemy perhaps been there to make evil ! We give you an appointment as soon as next week for more! Meanwhile, also discover how Diggle react on learning that Barry changed his life in season 5 of Arrow. And you think Roy Harper can it be Prometheus in season 5 of Arrow?