Arrow Season 5: Season Finale, many characters are in danger of dying!

Cinema 1 May, 2017

As Arrow Season 5’s Season Finale is fast approaching, Wendy Mericle has taken the time to confide in this episode that promises to be a real event!
Back to square one ! And yes the meltynauts, the final season of Arrow is fast approaching and this episode will bring familiar faces of the fans of the first hour. Between Black Siren, Nyssa al Ghul and Slade Wilson, these are three emblematic characters that we will find in an episode that looks spectacularly spectacular. While Melty’s editorial offered you to discover our criticism of Arrow 19’s episode 19 , let’s go back in detail to Wendy Mericle’s confidences on the final chapter of this fifth chapter. And the least that can be said is that Prometheus has not yet played his last card and that it clearly reserves for the episode.
In any case, no one should emerge unscathed from a final season rich in twists: “The last episode will be explosive and it is possible that we lose several characters.” One thing is certain, Felicity and Oliver will be in a very delicate situation as of next Wednesday on the CW . Indeed, the two ex will find themselves stuck in the den after a new attack of Prometheus . This will have a terrible effect on the chip that allows Felicity to walk normally and it will also allow the two characters to confide in their love relationship and reveal to the viewers a secret until very well kept. While waiting for more info, (re) discover the video promo of the ” Episode 20 of the season 5 of Arrow on melty. What do you think of these confidences?