Arrow season 5: SPOILER arrives, can Oliver give in to the temptation and delight the fans?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

While Arrow Season 5 will not return until Jan. 25 on the CW, the arrival of SPOILER promises to upset everything at Star City. What if Oliver succumbed to temptation?

An unexpected arrival! And yes the meltynauts, we now know that Laurel Lance is indeed dead and that the young woman who appeared in the landmark of our heroes is none other than Black Siren, the evil look-alike of the pretty blonde native of Earth-2 on the CW . If we still do not know how the young woman managed to escape from STAR Labs even though she had been a prisoner for a few months, we know that her arrival is likely to upset Oliver’s world. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover why the arrival of SPOILER was great news for fans in season 5 of Arrow , Black Siren seems to possess the fighting qualities of the Black Canary of Comics. An observation that we were able to make by discovering the video promo of the Winter Premiere. For many, Black Siren of Earth-2 was much the stuff of Black Canary as though it was native to Earth-1 . Nevertheless, Black Siren is not nice and it is clearly in the camp of the bad guys. Does this mean that our hero could not fall in love and reconstitute the flagship pair of comics?
Certainly not ! Even if Oliver has evolved well since the first seasons, this does not prevent him from continuing to be haunted by his past and the darkness that still lingers in him. As proof, he had an affair with Helena while knowing full well that she was ruminated by revenge and that his ultimate goal was nothing noble . Moreover, the Green Arrow of the Comics accepts its dark part and does not necessarily follow the rules. A story between the two characters is therefore not out of the question even if it would require for this a certain evolution on the part of the beautiful Black Siren. One thing is certain, it’s nice to see the character of Laurel getting the light he deserves after being underutilized for so many years. Besides a possible history of heart, it is above all of the action and the twists and turns that we want to discover henceforth. Pending more information, see the best and worst of 2016 Arrow on melty. Do you think the character of Black Siren will be exploited enormously?