Arrow Season 5: Stephen Amell, “It is time for Oliver to have a new girlfriend”

Cinema 5 November, 2016

arrow-saison-5-episode-6-episode-5-spoilersAccording to Stephen Amell, the star of Arrow, it is high time that Oliver finds love in Season 5. Statements.

While Felicity and Oliver ran good days in early season 4 of Arrow, lies our hero had because of their love. Hurt and feeling betrayed, Felicity decided to end their relationship has broken their engagement. Since then, pretty geek has found love in season number 5 while the mayor of Star City, he remains alone too busy trying to sweep the streets of his city of all evildoers . If the series has never excelled in romantic intrigues, as Stephen Amell, things should move in future episodes. Indeed, from episode 5 of season 5 of Arrow , a pretty brunette made his arrival, a journalist named Susan Williams. If one does not know if the two couples will eventually, one thing is certain for the star of the show: Oliver must find love.

He tells TV Line: “I do not know if he is ready to move forward, but it is time for Oliver to have a new girlfriend I shot some scenes with Carly Pope, who made one. great work by lending his face to Susan Williams. I think we will explode some elements of romance between the two and I hope people will enjoy. I think they have a great dynamic until now ” . So Oliver and Susan will they put a couple? Answer shortly on the CW . Meanwhile, discover or rediscover the promotional video of episode 6 of season 5 of Arrow on melty. What do you expect next?