Arrow season 5: The Calculator, the return of Donna, that the next episodes reserve to Felicity?

Cinema 10 January, 2017

The start of Arrow’s season 5 was rather challenging for Felicity. But what about the next episodes?

Oliver Queen returns soon! It also revealed you everything you need to know about the Winter Premiere Season 5 Arrow will be very enigmatic , particularly following the return of Laurel that will prove not to be the one to remind Oliver, Felicity or Thea. Has Prometheus sent Black Siren to the Arrow Team? One thing is certain, Green Arrow will be determined to get rid of his new rival in season 5 of Arrow . As for Felicity, it will be at the worst after the death of his boyfriend, Billy, and will push Oliver to overcome the big bad. Many fans thought that Felicity’s father, also known as The Calculator, could be an ally in the battle of the young woman against Prometheus. But if that seemed interesting storyline, co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim, revealed that it will not happen in season 5 of Arrow . But will Felicity still have the right to see her parents again? Maybe not ! “I’d like to bring him back and I would like Charlotte Ross as Donna but we thought: ‘. Telling a new story, something we have not done before”, he said at granted an interview to the website TV Line .
If the family of Felicity will not be highlighted in season 5 of Arrow , the series will not forgetting that Oliver Overwatch nickname. “As with all things related to Arrow, it’s not what you initially think it is and it will finally bring the general theme of the season is ‘inheritance’ .”, He Announced about the future of a young woman. But for Felicity that legacy will be very specific . As for those who fear that the darker side of Felicity was triggered by the death of a guy she had trouble calling her boyfriend, the showrunner says it was born because of a whole, Including the tragedy of Havenrock. Billy was only the drop of water that made the vase overflow! “It is also the addition of the fact that Felicity has lived in this darker world the last four years … How has it affected his way of thinking?” , Concluded Marc Guggenheim. Can it really change? It will wait until January 25 to find out! Meanwhile, also see if Oliver and Susan slept together in season 5 of Arrow. And, in your opinion, can Felicity really change in Arrow’s season 5?