Arrow season 5: Why the arrival of SPOILER is great news for the fans!

Cinema 29 December, 2016

While Arrow Season 5 will not return until Jan. 25 on the CW, the American network has just unveiled the promotional video of “Who Are You?” Which tease the arrival of SPOILER to Star City!
A positive point ? And yes meltynautes, we can only imagine how many of you are disappointed since they found out the promo video “Who Are You?” Which clearly revealed that our beloved Laurel was not back but that it was indeed Black Siren. An unexpected turnaround although totally logical when we know how Marc Guggenheim and all his team had sworn to us that the Laurel of Earth-1 was truly dead. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered why superheroes made us addicted , here’s why the arrival of Black Siren Star City is great news for fans. First, its appearance hides many secrets. Indeed, if you follow The Flash carefully, you know that the double evil was imprisoned at STAR Labs and that she did not escape visually during the final mid-season of the show. Thus, his invasion, his accomplices and his motivations remain totally unknown. A mystery that should do much good to the intrigues of Arrow a little too wise lately.
On the other hand, as we have seen in the video promo, Laurel is finally highlighted. So yes, this is not true but it’s nice to see Katie Cassidy finally embodied a badass character, well operated and especially capable of causing quite a fuss in the Team of the CW . No more laying aside a vulnerable Laurel and reduced to her simple status as a member of the team, she is at the heart of the action more than ever ready to battle. And that’s something the fans have always been waiting for. Okay, she’s nasty but who knows what the writers reserve for us? With all their twists, we never know what can happen and we would not be surprised that the young woman eventually become the Black Canary Comics that all fans have been waiting for years. Pending more information, see the gifts that we would like to offer our hero sets out melty. Are you satisfied to see Black Siren land in Arrow?