Arrow season 6: Can Black Siren find her redemption?

Cinema 19 June, 2017

While Arrow Season 6 will not air until next October on the CW, will Black Siren be able to find her redemption?
Katie Cassidy is back! Yes, the meltynauts, if the Laurel Lance we have always known is dead, the actress now plays the role of Black Siren. An evil look-alike we look forward to discovering more. While Melty’s editor suggested that we discover our top 3 episodes of Arrow’s season 5 , Katie Cassidy has already been announced as regular for the sixth installment of Green Arrow’s adventures. Good news for those who had difficulty recovering from the death of Laurel. But then, what can we expect with this character still very mysterious? First of all, it is clear that Black Siren felt indebted to Prometheus since it was he who, Had released STAR Labs . She had to reciprocate by investing in the fight against Green Arrow. But now that Chase has committed suicide, things could be very different on the CW .
Indeed, the young woman may seem unscrupulous but one remembers her gaze when she was faced with Oliver in the mid-season premiere. A part of the Laurel who was nice still seems to reside in her and we’d love to know what might have happened to her to make her so diabolical. We know that Earth-2’s Oliver is dead but it’s easy to imagine that her story does not end there and she has had to endure horrific hardships to get there. Together with Diggle, Felicity and even Oliver, could Black Siren find her redemption and join the right path? While it will certainly take time, we are confident that this is still possible. It remains to be seen whether she will like it. While waiting for more information, discover 5 questions that arise on season 6 of Arrow on melty. Do you think Black Siren will soon be part of Team Arrow?