Arrow season 6: David Ramsey (Diggle) calls you to defend the series!

Cinema 22 June, 2017

David Ramsey has heard about the Series World Cup and is counting on you for Arrow to win the 2017 edition
It’s go again ! The top start of the 2017 World Cup was given on June 19th. Since then, the fans of each series in competition are fighting a merciless battle to make their favorite show reach the first step of the podium. Before we get to that point, we’ll have to go through the group stage and tell you that for some heroes it will not be that simple. Indeed, according to initial estimates of CMS2017, Arrow would be in danger . Oliver Queen may have several strings to his bow but he has no power over the votes. Only the true fans of the series can reverse the trend …
A little help from a #TeamArrow member can only motivate them. Just as David Ramsey , the interpreter of Diggle, wanted to leave a small message to fans of the series to encourage them to vote every day just HERE . If you feel concerned by his message, be aware that he counts on you so do not wait any longer to post your preference in the votes and on the social networks. Will Arrow come up the slope? Answer in a few days. Meanwhile, David Ramsey has teased Arrow Season 6 and we’re really looking forward to being in October.