Arrow season 6: Explosions at Lian Yu, Marc Guggenheim confirms the deaths of regular characters!

Cinema 25 June, 2017

While Arrow Season 6 will not air until the next CW season, Marc Guggenheim has just announced that the explosions are going to kill people!
Nothing is acquired ! Yes, the meltynauts, remember, the fifth chapter of Green Arrow’s adventures ended on a huge cliffhanger, since only Oliver and his son were not present on the island when the explosions were triggered by the death of Prometheus . All the other characters are therefore potentially in danger of death and no question for us to trust the contracts of each one as it would be a serious mistake. While Melty ‘s editor was wondering who had been the best villain in Arrow , let’ s go back to Marc Guggenheim ‘s confidences on the EW site : “I know that everyone is in the process of making a decision.
He continues: “A perfect example would be The Walking Dead.” They had a very similar Season Finale with a group of characters in danger of death and each one was regular, and that did not change anything! Is not because they have this status that everyone will get out alive. “” Certainly not! ” This is not very reassuring for all fans of the show . But then, who is likely to lose life? How will Oliver react after this new blow? We will have to wait to find out. While waiting for more info, know that a big defeat of the series DC Comics is certainly to be envisaged during the World Cup of the series 2017.