Arrow Season 6: Season Premiere, unveiled title announces big repercussions

Cinema 7 July, 2017

The title of Season Premiere of Season 6 of Arrow has just been unveiled! It announces dramatic fallout for our hero after an explosive season!

Arrow’s season 5 was one of the best in the series. Prometheus gave a lot of trouble to our dear justice and regaled us from episode to episode. The Season Finale was explosive in every sense of the word! Oliver thought he had saved his son and friends but at the last moment Adrian Chase chose to commit suicide in order to blow up the island of Lian Yu. All the members of Team Arrow as well as Slade, Nyssa and Samantha were still there. Are they dead? The mystery remains! Oliver may have to take care of his son, William, while a new villain will soon land in Arrow Season 6. Batman, Onomatopoeia or Cheshire? Who will be the next big bad of the series? Before fighting a new villain, Oliver will probably need to put his life in order, as the title of Season Premiere of season 6 of Arrow just unveiled and announces big repercussions!

One of the executive producers of the series, Marc Guggenheim, has just revealed the title of the Season Premiere of season 6 of Arrow. This very first episode will be called “Fallout” which can be translated as “fallout” or “repercussions”. This title, first of all, probably refers to the ashes caused by the explosion of Lian Yu but also to the repercussions that Oliver will have to face following its war with Prometheus. If we suspect that the entire Arrow team will not have been completely decimated by the explosion, there will unfortunately be some victims. Samantha, William’s mother, may not have survived. Thus, Oliver will find himself in the shoes of a single father, which will radically change his life. If Evelyn is dead, the judge could also blame her for not having managed to save her from Prometheus. It’s a rather dark Season Premiere, but we have no doubt that Curtis and Felicity will bring us a touch of optimism. Waiting to learn more, check out all the details about this Season Premiere from Arrow Season 6!