Arrow Season 6: The new Big Bad finally unveiled?

Cinema 19 July, 2017

While Arrow Season 6 is very much anticipated by fans of the first hour, has the new Big Bad just been unveiled?

Who will succeed Adrian Chase? Yes, the meltynauts, Prometheus was probably one of the best villains of the show. Cruel, unscrupulous and downright determined, he immediately identified the weaknesses of our hero in order to use them against him. So hard to live up to this Big Bad! While melty’s editor suggested discovering Wendy Mericle’s confidences about the consequences of the explosions in Arrow’s Season 6, the production of the series is currently looking for Ricardo Diaz, a well-known villain Fans of comics. Will this be the new antagonist of our favorite hero? There is a good chance even if nothing is official yet!

Described as a man between 30 and 40 years old, Ricardo Diaz is a former hardened prisoner straight out of detention. Arrested for crimes he had not committed, Diaz has a rematch to take and he will use his freedom and $ 25 million to take control of Star City’s criminal network. He is an expert in martial arts, an experience he acquired after years of street fighting. That would give us pretty scenes between Oliver and Ricardo on the CW. This villain would be an adaptation of Richard Dragon who had set up a team where Clock King, Brick, Count Vertigo, Red Dart and Killer Moth. While waiting for more information, vote every day the World Cup Series.