Arrow season 6: Why the new season marks a real turning point!

Cinema 28 May, 2017

While Arrow Season 6 will not air for a few months on the CW, find out why this new track marks a turning point!
An expected renewal? Yes, the meltynauts, if the CW’s flagship show still has as many followers, it also suffers from a certain lassitude among its most faithful community of fans. It must be said that our green archer regularly offers us the same type of plot. However, the sixth season of the series looks very different and we look forward to seeing how producers will use this opportunity to infuse fresh air into the Green Arrow adventures. While Melty’s editor suggested that we explore the first details of Arrow’s Season 6 , we’ll see the first chapter without a flashback. One notable difference for screenwriters, Will no longer need to concentrate on two parallel stories, ensuring a perfect coherence . Without these flashbacks, the series can refocus on the storylines of the present and on the evolution of our hero which will obviously change for those who have followed the show from the beginning.
It remains to be seen if this new version will hold the road. Indeed, it is difficult to know if the series will succeed in bringing together so many viewers by modifying its structure . Another novelty, Katie Cassidy has been confirmed regular for this sixth season. If Laurel Lance is dead, she will lend her traits to a Black Siren determined to follow her own interests. These appearances were rather limited but his role will become more intense next season and it should bring a very different dynamic to the intrigues. In short, the show offers a new health and we are eager to see if these little innovations will make it possible to captivate more the public. While waiting for more information, find out if you followed the season 5 of Arrow.