Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl: Discover the first reaction Diggle face Kara in an extract of the crossover!

Cinema 19 November, 2016

While the crossover event that will bring together Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl will be released on November 28, the CW has unveiled the first single from this special episode!

the-cw-arrow-the-flash-supergirl-legendsSoon the big day! And yes meltynautes, we get closer to the date the CW broadcast its annual crossover. But this year, all the DC Comics series production team is exceeded in order to put the bar even higher and host Supergirl as it should on the US network. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the synopsis of the fourth part of the crossover in which all heroes gathered to face the Dominators , the CW has unveiled an exclusive excerpt from “Invasions”. You get to see a preview when Cisco and Barry decided to create a gap to allow Kara to come for a walk on Earth-1. And the least we can say is that everyone seems surprised that The Flash has asked for help to a young woman as frail appearance. The lovely Kara must demonstrate its power rising into the air and drawing the symbol she wears on her costume on the floor .
This allows Diggle soon to be convinced and Felicity explode with joy to see all these heroes together for the good cause. One thing is certain, the Dominators should give lot of trouble with our favorite characters to the point that the battle that will pit the last for nearly four episodes. If we did not know yet what the plan of these dangerous enemies to our planet, no doubt they will not be too much to neutralize them. Both say that the editorial ‘of melty, we are terribly eager to Read more about the intrigue and delight us as it should be for this very special event . Pending further information, see the face of the new Central City police officer who will soon appear in Season 3 of The Flash on melty. What do you think of this unique extract?