Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Gotham: Why Superheroes make us addicted!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

While the superheroes have literally invaded the small screen for a few years, the editor of melty wondered why they all managed to make us downright addicted!
In Super Hero mode! And yes the meltynauts, the more time passes, the more clearly it is clear that the American channels have decided to sail on the successes of the comics by offering the biggest fans adaptations often pointed of their favorite stories. If the teen shows previously downright inescapable on television, this period is over and they are the heroes who have imposed their domination . So yes, some viewers are tired and dream of discovering completely original productions but others are absolutely delighted by this new reign. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Iris and Barry had slept together in season 3 of The Flash , we wanted to list all the reasons why these modern and powerful heroes made us hooked!
Because we recognize ourselves in them!
We will not lie, most of them have powers and it is clear that this is not our case. But who has never felt different? Whether it is a painful past, a difference some conch, a personal belief, a dream considered ridiculous, we all one day had the impression of not belonging to this world and Not to find our place. And often, our heroes must integrate and try to hide their identity to avoid being singled fingers or abused . In short, they help us to accept who we really are without blaming us for our differences.
Because they are wounded!
A superhero who does not have a painful past, this would be practically a climax. Indeed, each of them has its share of suffering and must, thanks to its courage and strength, try to pass to the top. But it is above all for them not to be dictated their conduct in relation to what they have lived. Do not bother to indulge in evil or moral questionable just for revenge . One can be wounded without becoming embittered and detestable. Our heroes are what they are because or rather thanks to their scars and this makes them all the more endearing and humane.
Because they allow us to escape!
The adventures of our superheroes are a true remedy against depression so they allow us to forget everything. No way to mope when you see Barry Allen while attempting to defeat Zoom or when you see Oliver Queen desperate to discover the identity of Prometheus on the CW . The superheroes always offer us a cocktail of action and well-balanced humor that allow us – at least forty minutes – to think about something else and to get away from the problems of our daily life. And we absolutely need it so much life can be complicated sometimes.
Because they give us hope!
Between Barry Allen and Oliver Queen who saw their parents die before their eyes Kara Danvers who saw his planet explode and Sara Lance, who lost his sister , no doubt that life has not given them as gifts. But despite everything, they stand up and continue to advance. Role models, they manage to give us a clear and terribly effective message: hope is never lost . We can go through the worst hardships and be able to get up again because life can also give us beautiful gifts. This is a comforting leitmotiv.
Because they show us how important friendship is!
Sometimes we tend to forget how important it is to be able to rely on some of our loved ones in complicated moments. And superheroes are the first to demonstrate that they would be nothing without their friends and family . Powerful as they may be, they would not achieve much without the support of those who actually know who they are. No matter who you are or the difficulties you have gone through, nothing would be possible if you were completely alone. A beautiful message! Why are you addicted to super hero series?