Arrow, The Originals, Teen Wolf: The most crazy villains of the season!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

This year, some series have introduced both charismatic and demonic villains who have terrified us. From Arrow to The Originals, discover the wildest villains of the season!
Since Monday, 32 of the best shows of the year are competing in the 2017 edition of the Series World Cup . The battle is tough as none of the shows in competition will count on winning opponents. All covet the title of “best series of the year” . It is up to you to decide by voting for your favorite show (s). To help you with this heavy task, we suggest you come back today on the most crazy villains of the 2016-2017 season. Our heroes had some bread this year when we loved to hate their rivals . Melty’s editorial reveals the best villains of this year!
The Hollow by The Originals
Season 4 of The Originals has introduced a formidable villain, perhaps the worst since the beginning of the series. It is an ultra powerful Native Amerindian witch named Inadu. It is she who is at the origin of the curse of the werewolves. His passions ? Kill and torture the victims physically and mentally, which she may also possess . Those who have been under her control have simply known nothingness … She does not shrink from anything, has no limit and is simply terrifying.
Arrow Prometheus
The big rival of the Green Arrow in season 5 of the series has made the hell live Oliver and his Team. Prometheus gave us cold sweats! The psychopath was so diabolical that he managed to dethrone Arrow’s best villain until then, Deathstroke. It is the best big bad of the series but also that of the shows DC Comics of this year. Interpreted by the talented Josh Segarra, he was a formidable villain and especially as convincing as Machiavellian.
Bryce from 13 Reasons Why
The Hollow is terrifying, but Bryce is even more so because not only is he not a supernatural being, but he is not at all like a villain at first. And yet, it is cruel! Bryce simply has no morals . He does not hesitate to humiliate other students, to beat them or to betray them, besides being a repeat rapist in 13 Reasons Why, the series that is well-beat to beat The Walking Dead . Bryce is simply disgusting and we would not like to meet face to face with him!
Ghost Riders Teen Wolf
If the villains of Teen Wolf are generally terrifying, the Ghost Riders have made very strong. These supernatural beings were not content to kill their victims but reserved a much worse fate for them. The Ghost Riders erase the characters from the reality and memories of their loved ones. Entire cities have become completely deserted after their passage. The Ghost Riders were particularly agonizing villains as one would like to see more often.
Kai of The Vampire Diaries
Well, we had to talk about Kai from The Vampire Diaries ! If Sybil, Seline, Cade and even Katherine were disappointing in season 8 of the series, Kai returned to Mystic Falls to show he had changed … worse! In only a few episodes, he managed to dupe Damon, threatening the daughters of Alaric and Elena. If it was finally neutralized, he again proved that he was one of the best villains of the show.