Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Mistresses: The most ridiculous intrigues of 2016

Cinema 29 December, 2016

If some storylines are brilliant, others are simply absurd! From Arrow to Empire through Mistresses, rediscover the most ridiculous intrigues of 2016!
As small seriesphiles, we are addicted to a lot of tv shows and always in search of novelties. The Christmas period is a bit difficult for the fans of the series because the new episodes of our favorite shows will not be broadcast in January. But rest assured, the editorial of melty is there to keep you abreast of all new spoilers but also to return to that which marked the year 2016. Moreover, we recently made homage to the characters who have passed away in Game of Thrones, Arrow, the Originals and many other shows. If our favorite series know move and keep us in suspense, sometimes we do not know why we do not really hang some storylines. Perhaps because they are a bit too far-fetched? Possible! The editorial discusses the most ridiculous intrigues 2016 Arrow to Empire !
The new Karen of Mistresses
After several months, we still do not understand why Season 4 Mistresses has killed Karen to return his double. April started to see a woman, always back if not it’s not funny, who looked very much like her girlfriend. Theater, this person was also called Karen Kim! What? Did Karen simulate her death? Did she do cosmetic surgery? Has her twin sister taken her identity? We will never know since the series ends when this new Karen Kim presents itself to April. To integrate such a mystery in order not to give an answer is ridiculous!
Harry has a son in Mistresses
After 4 seasons, Harry learned in the latest episode that he had a son with his former conquest, Sarina Thompson. And yes, Gabe was good of him in season 4 of Mistresses . The meeting, the disputes and the reconciliation took place illico presto in the Final Series of the show. If it was the fastest storyline we saw in the show, it was mostly useless!
Andre and Nessa and Rhonda in Empire
Rhonda died in Season 3 Empire . Anika killed the young woman after murdering her baby. Andre was inconsolable! However, he quickly recovered from the hair of the beast thanks to Nessa. The new Empire singer became his new girlfriend as he continued to have hallucinations of Rhonda. The first time that Andre slept with Nessa, guess who invited to the party? The ghost of Rhonda ! Strange and absurd!
Tyler returns to die in The Vampire Diaries
Tyler returned to season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. Why ? To die simply! The storylines of the former werewolf have never really been developed but from there, to bring back the character only 5 minutes to prove that Damon has indeed sinked on the side of the darkness, we find it a little useless. So yes Tyler was the only one to know the location of Elena’s coffin but if Nina Dobrev is to come back, it is well known that the Salvatore will find a way to locate her body without Tyler.
DeLuca and Jo in Gray’s Anatomy
DeLuca escorted Jo, completely drunk, at home in the season finale of season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy . The young woman undressed in front of him while her boyfriend, Alex, arrived. Next, we know her, DeLuca has finished in the ER. But if a friendship between Jo and DeLuca would not have been so disturbing, the intern begins to fall in love with the resident. Too predictable, ridiculous and certainly not appreciated by the fans , it’s one of the worst storylines of Grey’s Anatomy in 2016 which should stop immediately in 2017! Not to mention that Jo ended up drunk because she did not want to reveal to her boyfriend that she was already married. At the great revelation, Alex seemed to have quite frankly nothing to do with it. Yes, all for nothing!
Felicity remarks in Arrow
Felicity was attacked by Darhk and unfortunately lost the use of his legs in season 4 of Arrow . So yes, we suspected that Oliver’s ex-girlfriend would someday but not so soon! Soon, Curtis found a chip implanted into his spine and after two or three rehabilitation sessions, Felicity was more comfortable than a mannequin on the heels of 10 cm . Do we really believe in his miracle cure? We remain skeptical!
Hanna torture Noel in Pretty Little Liars
Hanna plays the badass in season 7 of Pretty Little Liars . Thinking that Noel Khan was Uber A, she did not hesitate to kidnap, gag and tie up her former classmate before torturing him to answer his questions. We always wonder how Hanna managed, alone, to go after Christmas , more big and beefy it. Besides that her friends do not know the truth and they do not ask for more about the “disappearance” of Hanna. A bit ridiculous, even for a series that chains the WTF moments! And you, what intrigues did you find the most ridiculous in 2016?