Arrow vs Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars vs. Gray’s Anatomy: Choosing the Editor!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup is currently in full swing on melty, the editor has decided to choose between the series that compete in the first two games!
Who will be selected for the quarterfinals? Yes, the meltynauts are the second week of competition for the 2017 World Cup. If you want to save your favorite show, it’s time to vote so that he can win the victory. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover the completely unexpected eliminations in the 2017 World Cup , we wanted to give you our favorite in the first two games!
Gray’s Anatomy vs. Pretty Little Liars
If Pretty Little Liars just bows out on Freeform, we would tend to choose Gray’s Anatomy in this very tight match. Indeed, despite a season in halftone, one can only observe that the medical series holds better on the length than its rival . Often very WTF, Pretty Little Liars regularly disappointed us linking the twists without consistency and lengths. For his part, Gray’s Anatomy is still on top on ABC and remains a real reference for fans of series. Moving, well conducted and effective, the series knows how to touch us and that, it has no price.
Arrow vs Teen Wolf
It is a particularly complicated match that is being played at this moment. Between Arrow, who has just won his sixth season and Teen Wolf, which will be completed soon on MTV, it’s two giants who compete. If Arrow tried to raise the bar with a brand new team and intrigues refocused on the fight of our hero against the threats that weigh on Star City, difficult not to notice that certain episodes were used to fill the whites. And since Teen Wolf will leave this year after being excellent, it is to her that is our choice .
But nothing is yet played dear meltynauts. It is time for you to make your choice and defend it by voting every day so that your favorite series can win the supreme title . Your favorite characters are counting on you! Who will make your choice?