Ash vs Evil Dead : Ray Santiago promises to be a season 3 as strong as the final of Six Feet Under

Cinema 17 August, 2017






After a season with 2 very successful, we expect firm footing the new vintage of Ash vs Evil Dead. And one of the comedians of the show promises us one hell of a shock.

Since its inception, the series sponsored by the virtuoso Sam Raimi has established itself not only as a distillation of humor cartoon (slpastick what) and fury gore, but most of all, the series has surprised everyone by playing with intelligence the map of the emotion.


Good post there are a bunch of different emotions huh


Never feeling afraid to address the questions of the mélanolie, or even depression, while leaving the anti-hero reflecting on the meaning of his life and through him, the career of its main actor, Bruce Campbell, the series touched us in the heart. So, when Ray Santiago, one of the main actors of the series, interpreter of Chico, is expressed at iHorror, it takes a watchful eye.

“I would say that the last episode is rather intense. He has this tone near the end of Six Feet Under. When I looked, I began to cry continuously for, I don’t know… days. It was really hard.


Ray Santiago, eternal punching ball of Ash vs Evil Dead


I believe that what we did with the last episode of season 3, it is make you ou ask, ” Wow ! what just happened ? “

I think we will leave you with the best season finale of the series so far. “

That’s damn ambitious, and makes us even more eager to discover this third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, which we do not know the date of broadcast to this day.


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