Ashley Graham: uninhibited, the XL top shows up in sexy bikini with her husband

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

His vacation in the Seychelles extends for his delight. Ashley Graham has just shared pictures of her very seductive in bikini, accompanied by her husband the director Justin Ervin.
The Seychelles archipelago, its fauna, its beaches, sandy … Top Ashley Graham does not seem to get tired. On holiday in the sun with her husband, the beautiful profits thoroughly and shares with her fans many cliches. This Friday, January 6, she published a series of photos on which she is bursting with laughter, dressed in a simple black half-undefeated bikini. Free and uninhibited, it exposes its forms to the rays of the tropical sun.
Whoever does so much laughter is undoubtedly her husband, the handsome Justin Ervin . The director exhibits his athletic silhouette, his protruding musculature, and shares with his wife beautiful moments of complicity. It was he who photographed her half naked in the shower a few days ago . Last week, the lovers celebrated one-on-one the gentleman’s birthday, in this little corner of paradise. They never seem to want to leave.
Between two breaks, Ashley Graham does not hesitate to indulge in offering an ice cream, and she assumes. To crush life to its fullest is its credo. ” Ice cream rather than sessions at the gym, for me it is when you want! ” She jokes caption of a picture where we see her enjoy an Eskimo. In short, the very definition of perfect holidays.