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Entertainment 13 September, 2017

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Soon a king of the philo? Prince George has made his return to classes at the prestigious school Thomas’s Battersea in London. There, he discovers a modern pedagogy and innovative, and including a room dedicated to the art of debate, where the children, even the youngest, need to learn how to confront their ideas to those of others.

Since Thursday, September 7, the prince George, 4 years old, discovers the joys of the school. And not just any school : the prestigious Thomas’s Battersea School in London, which counts among the most renowned in the country. Unlike the establishment’s very traditional that it had been chosen by princess Diana for her sons William and Harry, thirty years ago, Thomas’s Battersea School boasts a modern pedagogy, focused on the development of physical and intellectual of the children.


An important place is dedicated to the sport and body expression in the time use of young pupils. The classical dance figure, for example, among the lessons mandatory, as well as theatre, drawing and singing. Another originality : the school wishes to develop the taste buds of its students, by offering organic menus, well-balanced, and recipes from around the world. But the most surprising is surely the emphasis on learning, from a very young age, the difficult art of debate.


The little George has actually been able to discover a room for debates, a sort of ” mini café-philo “, where the kids, aged just 5 years old, learn to confront their ideas to those of others, in front of an audience… The exercise will appeal to the little prince, so shy in public ? In any case, one thing is for sure, with this innovative program, the school seeks to empower its students to be model citizens, self-reliant, committed and sure of themselves rather than of the small scholars. And it is precisely this that was enjoyed by Kate and William.

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