At the Crossroads of the Worlds : after the turnip with Nicole Kidman, a new adaptation is confirmed

Cinema 20 February, 2018






The production of the adaptation tv for the BBC series of books At the Crossroads of the Worlds of Philip Pullman begins for good this time.

False romance teenage but real dense and complex narrative of metaphysics, the series of books At the Crossroads of the Worlds of Philip Pullman has marked (scarred) more than one child, including our own. And while growing up, the slightest rumor of adaptation could only be good news.

Then in 2007 came The to golden Compass, an adaptation of the first volume of The Kingdoms Of the North with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eva Green. And there, as much as to say that we are not talking about a cold shower, but a veritable cascade of liquid nitrogen in the poop.



The film is still today almost universally spoken by the critics as the public. With a box-office very warm (about 372 million to a budget of 180), while the project franchise has obviously been thrown to the dustbin and a cover of lead fell on the license.

But in 2015, the BBC had announced its intention to retry an adaptation, but tv series this time, written by Jack Thorne. And then there was silence, until today.


And that’s a wrap on #adiscoveryofwitches.
What an exciting adventure it’s been. We can’t wait for you all to see it in the Autumn.
Make sure you keep following @ADiscoveryOfWTV for all of your witchy updates.
Next up… @HisDarkMatTV

— Bad Wolf (@BadWolf_TV) February 19, 2018


One learns, in effect, via a tweet from the production box Bad Wolf that it has just finished the shooting of the series A Discovery Of Witches. But the last line of the tweet reads : “Next project… HisDarkMatTV”. This seems a little cryptic, but it is enough to know that the book series is called in its original version His Dark Materials so that everything becomes clear.

Despite the silence of two years, the BBC has not, therefore, forgotten to prepare for a trip to the land of the bear armor, which excites us to the highest point. Even if you confess, we were a little skeptical of the pedigrees of Bad Wolf Films and Jack Thorne. But it will never be worse than the awful attempt by Chris Weitz. Never again.

Oh, by the way : after the delivery of mother’s ravenous, frigid and poisonous in the beautiful White Bird, you want Eva Green to play Miss Coulter this time. Yes, even if she played Serafina Pekkala in the adaptation release in 2007.


Eva Green in The Compass of gold