Attempted rape, blow of the iron bar, Anna Mouglalis (Black Baron) tells the story of Gala

Entertainment 22 January, 2018

Black Baron

In the second season of the series Black Baron, she plays an ex-First secretary of the socialist Party who became president of the Republic. Anna Mouglalis is revealed in Paris Match as strong and independent as her character on the screen.

Her husky voice and her silhouette air have made, to movies, a icon. The actress, muse of Chanel and interpreter of the creator of the fashion house in Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, is rare and yet each of his appearances are marked by the seal of the intensity and charisma.

In the second season of the television series, political Black Baron, as early as January 22nd, it embodies the former first secretary of the party social to be elected president of the Republic. A role at the height of her strength and independence as she told Paris Match : “My political awakening began with an awakening feminist. For me, my parents did not vote, but I grew up with a mother who said to me : “Do not be ever dependent on a man.” Very early, I cruised around the world and I’ve had revolts terrible ! It was difficult being a young woman who is free and found that we could not walk alone at night without getting a headache. I am beaten up in the street, I took a shot of iron bar in the head, attempted rape in the subway… It is this that explains Virginie Despentes in King Kong theory” : a woman who decides to be alive runs the risk of being robbed. But it is necessary to continue. Lock, this would be like those people who live a dirty love story and end up not wanting to love because it hurts too bad. I’m lucky that I don’t be like that “

Feminist, excited by the recent movements of liberation of the word of the victim after the case Weinstein, she says : “today, it must be a woman because it is there that all there is to accomplish. “


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