Audrey Fleurot: its funny technique to turn the nude scenes

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

The actress was expressed in “Body Window” of the Magazine L’Equipe, on newsstands Saturday 19 November, where she tells including how she managed to turn the nude scenes naturally.

audre-fleurotAssume his body, its forms, femininity … For the beautiful Audrey Fleurot, it took time. In the “Window on the body” of the magazine L’Equipe forthcoming Saturday 19 November, the actress 39 years said that there are still ten years she felt ” crowded ” with his body. ” Now I’m more relaxed ,” she says. But, even having more confidence in her, she admits that nude scenes are always a test. ” No actress n ‘is at ease with it ,” she says.
His salvation? ” I’m extremely nearsighted , she explains. When j ‘off my lenses, I see nobody. Not even my partner! It n ‘there is more boom operator, cameraman over, over cinematographer, director more … me This creates a very comfortable bubble. “Thus isolated from the rest of the team, the actress has the feeling of being in an almost intimate, which allows it to be more comfortable. A strange method, which has proven its worth so far. ” I refuse to have surgery in order to keep this advantage ,” she admits.
Audrey Fleurot is currently filming the sixth season of gears , in which she played the lawyer Josephine Karlsson, strong character and bad reputation . Between two sound stages, the actress tries to spare a little time for his son, Lou, aged just one year , the fruit of her relationship with the actor-director Djibril Glissant, who shares his life since 2014.