Avengers Infinity War: Captain Marvel presents? A call to the cast restarts the rumor

Cinema 21 July, 2017

It’s a bit of an obsessive question: will we have the joy of discovering Captain Marvel in Avengers Infinity War?

They were not present at the D23 last weekend, but Brie Larson and his character are at the heart of many conversations. After the enormous success of the heroine DC Comics Wonder Woman, Marvel Studios will have to do as well with Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel who, while we have never seen him in the movies, will make his solo debut in Will the success be the same as that of Wonder Woman? The future will tell us, but this is not what we are interested in today, but rather the rumored relaunch that announces that Captain Marvel could be in Avengers Infinity War.

While the shooting has been over for a week, additional scenes are being filmed and calls for casting take place. The production looks like a man between 30 and 50 years, having experience in the army and the style of a soldier. So ok, wanting soldiers in a movie that tells how the Earth is going to have to defend itself against a Crazy Titan is not surprising, but this research comes just days after one of Captain Marvel’s two directors, Ryan Fleck, Tweeted a photo of his day in the company of the US Air Force. We know that all the directors of the MCU are involved in the Avengers Infinity War process and it is said that Captain Marvel could land in one of the post-generic scenes …?

Yes, Carol Danvers is part of the US Air Force and we can very well imagine that between the two films this last one will present to join the forces that will fight against Thanos. Ryan Fleck is certainly looking for some inspiration to have a credible soldier and it could be that Brie Larson slips among the army cadets. We already imagine Carol Danvers preparing for the war against the Titan Fou, the credits of the end of Avengers, the beginning of Captain Marvel, transformation alongside Nick Fury to guide her, and BAM we find her ready to fight alongside the other Avengers ! We look forward !