Avengers Infinity War: Iron Man, Gamora, Spider-Man …, united on a poster unveiled at Comic Con!

Cinema 21 July, 2017

It is all beautiful, the new poster of Avengers: Infinity War, which unveiled at the Comic Con of San Diego. For the first time, the Guardians are reunited with the Avengers!

Finally ! Here we are ! The Comic Con of San Diego has started! The opportunity for us, hungry fans of super-heroic news, to fill our eyes and ears with images and news about the films that are expected the most. As a random Avengers: Infinity War for example, for which we already had a little something to bring to our teeth thanks to this leaked photo where we see Doctor Strange and Spider-Man together (funny pair. ..). In theory, however, it is only Saturday that the party will really take place because it is that day that will take place the panel of Marvel, which should be rich in images and announcement. In theory only. Because, as you can imagine, meltynauts, we can count on the lucky ones present at the SDCC to reveal us some pictures of costumes, weapons reproduction or even … concept art! And it is precisely in this form that Avengers: Infinity War is talking about him again today, thanks to an excluded poster unveiled at the event and which Twittos hastened to share.

And we’re not going to lie: it’s smacking! Already because it is full of colors and it is completely psychedelic. But also because there are mixed Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Tony Stark, of course, occupies the middle of the poster, seconded by Spidey, for whom he occupies a little mentoring place, and by Rhodes. Hulk, Hawkeye – who is still part of the Team Cap – and Doctor Strange are also in the game. As for the Guardians, they are represented by their female members! Gamora, Nebula and Mantis have therefore abandoned Star Lord and his companions to join the Avengers. So of course, we did not have ALL the cast of the MCU on this poster (you can imagine bringing everyone on a single poster, you), but it’s still a nice preview. After Thanos and the Glove of the Infinite, who showed themselves on an image of Avengers: Infinity War on the D23, it is now our superheroes to draw the spotlight. We cross our fingers so that they do it even more Saturday on the panel of Marvel!