AventPop # 17: Negan’s shattering arrival in “The Walking Dead”

Amusing, stunning, moving, unusual or impressive … Events and anecdotes were numerous in 2016, pop culture side. Until Christmas, 20 Minutes offers a selection of shots heart and winks gleaned in recent months. A subjective anthology that will also remind you of good memories …
23 October 2016. [Alert spoilers] After months and months of unbearable waiting, so severe suffering, the fans The Walking Dead finally discover which character dies at the hands of Lucille, the bat formidable new villain Negan . And then, surprise! There is not a single victim, but two . After Abraham, Glenn also loses his life – and head – in gory scenes as possible .

The viewers are shocked, go from stupefaction to sadness, then to indignation. In short, a return of The Walking Dead on hubcaps.
And after ? [Warning spoilers] Splash. After the critical episode, the narrative runs out of steam and the enthusiasm of the fans crumbles. For if this recovery sends wood, then follow soporific episodes on the trauma of survivors, and the relationship of servitude they now maintain with Negan. One annoyance as the United States, the fall hearings as ever , the series with a loss of 25% of its audience.
Fans are wondering in particular on the success of Negan character , a villain who some say is far short of the terrible fire Governor. While the time of the winter break rang, the questions are many: The Walking Dead does succeed to raise? Is this season the worst in the series? Will it be fatal to some of its fans? Response to the resumption on 12 February.

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