Avoid the viruses and infections of winter by 7 points

Health 31 December, 2017


Published on 31.12.2017 10: 00


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Catching a cold or a sore throat in the winter is common but not inevitable. The council of Dr. Jean-François Lemoine :

Is it true that we are more sick in the winter ?

At least the injuries are more numerous. More a French in six does not escape the ills of winter. In case the virus…

It is said that the microbes do not like the cold ?

It is the opposite. Even extreme cold does not kill… They fall asleep waiting for the warming. This is the way that some remained alive for hundreds of year. On the other hand they do not like high heat.
And then there’s the phenomenon of ” year-end party “. When the tata of Strasbourg comes to the party at the nephew Parisian with the uncle of Brest : polka mandibles adds the waltz of the virus who are to travel anywhere in France and jumping from one person to another at the discretion of the hugs and conversations.
This simply explains why, when the temperatures drop it is the domain of colds, cough, or influenza states…

It is important to put on clothes well adapted to the cold ?

It is important to keep the body at 37°C, because it is a temperature that fear of the virus. The message is going pretty well, the detail that it is necessary to make an effort for children who are too often outside bare-headed. Gold I repeat often, but it marks a child’s bare head that is in proportion to the same surface of the body exposed to the cold than an adult tori naked ! Ac quiet huh ?
I would add that the organ of respiration is the nose, which is equipped with blood vessels to warm the air. Therefore a hat for all the, world, of gloves, good socks – the ends are fragile – a scarf that covers the mouth. We breathe in through the nose… and you can go out without fear, provided you don’t slip…

The washing of hands is important?

Are the French four-in-ten to wash more often hands in order not to get sick. They have reason : 80% of the bacteria and viruses are transmitted by hands. But it also means that 6 out of 10 does the wash not enough…

And vitamin C, it is very popular and present in the conversations of new year’s eve ?

Apparently it is the secret weapon of the French. This is not a bad thing but needs to take medication, it should rather favour a lot of fruits and vegetables to combat the virus of the winter. Moreover, it is in the second position of prevention strategies the most popular. Fruits and vegetables are actually rich in vitamin C. nature being done well, are also products of the season : kiwi, orange and tangerine in the fruit, bell peppers, black radish, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts to the radius vegetables.

And the recipes of the grandmother as the grog ?

You can do the apologia of grog, since everything that allows to increase the temperature of the body is good against the microbes. But it is necessary to specify hot drink… because of the alcohol that you put into it brings nothing… from a medical point of view !

And the dozens of drugs that you will find at the pharmacist supposed to help us get through the winter. Are they useful ?

This will especially help the pharmacist to have a good winter… It is not a wonder drug. Attention to the medicine cabinet of family… she has more pitfalls than solutions.