Ayem Nour – Assault and battery, death threats: It risks 3 years in prison

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

But what has happened?
ayem-nour-presentatrice-mad-magAyem Nour would she freaked out on the evening of November 17? An elected the Republic of Hauts-de-Seine complained against the host of Mad Mag( NRJ12 ) after the latter allegedly assaulted the home of her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Miclet .

These are our colleagues in the magazine Public that tell the story in their edition of December 2, 2016. According to them, an elected of Hauts-de-Seine – invited by the businessman during a working meeting – filed a complaint for ” voluntary violence and death threats ” against the mother of the little Ayvin . According to the minutes (the magazine Public has procured) Ayem have landed during this meeting to get her son with the help of police.
Discovering the presence of the elected alongside his former partner, Nour would Ayem chained insults against him ” Sal * pe Grosse p * P * te upstart cup!!! ” And to be more threatening: ” Sale p * you, I’ll smash you, you do not know who you’re dealing with, I’ll stick you with a knife . ” Some very serious that several witnesses, employees of billionaire could confirm.
Ayem Nour have profited from the absence of the police officers who accompanied him – they explained the reason for their presence in Vincent Miclet in another room – to physically attack her rival. ” She followed me by insulting me. (…) When I walked toward the door to leave, she jumped on me. She grabbed me by the hair and put me a shot walk in the abdomen “, established the elected on filing a complaint. ” I hurt cervical the right but also the head ,” he informed one that now has seven days renewable ITT.
The police has been made – particularly because of death threats allegedly uttered by Ayem – and will have to pull the whole story straight. The host of Mad Mag should soon be summoned to the police station to tell his story. If found guilty of the charges against him, Ayem risk up to three years in prison and 45,000 euros fine.
Ayem Nour is innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment.