Ayem Nour very complexed: “There are little things to correct”

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

The woman thought about cosmetic surgery.
ayem-nour-en-dit-plus-sur-sa-bagarreBecoming a mom, Ayem Nour dreamed. And his wish was granted in June because she gave birth to Ayvin , fruit of his former love with Vincent Miclet . If the pretty brunette of 28 years is a fulfilled mom, she does not hide it difficult to accept her post-pregnancy body.
Like all pregnant women, the host of Mad Mag of NRJ12 – charged with assault and death threats – has gained weight during her pregnancy and has a haste lose those extra kilos. Indeed, in an interview with Malika Menard for Télé Loisirs , Ayem Nour did not want hidden find his body before pregnancy. ” I was very thin all beautiful ,” she said. After that, it unveiled its biggest complex: ” I might be a complex about my belly (…) Pregnancy leaves marks, stretch marks It’s not even so much the fact that.. ‘I still have a small can of pregnancy. especially now that it’s written. ”
However, Ayem Nour is not ready to go on the operating table provided to erase these imperfections which complex as the. The young woman prefer to bet on sports and good food at first: ” On one hand, this complex to me and another, it’s still a memory of my child I honestly do not know, I am. still undecided compared to surgery (…). I already need to get back in shape with sports and good nutrition. After, if small details to correct, I do not know. I’m scared of aesthetic surgery. “