Baby Driver: Ansel Elgort magisterial in flying ace, our review!

Cinema 19 July, 2017

It is today that the film Baby Driver goes out in the dark rooms. The new role of Ansel Elgort is like a glove. When speed is even rock … here is our review!

The big day has finally arrived! After several months of waiting, Edgar Wright’s long-awaited movie, Baby Driver, whose trailer we unveiled, is out in the dark rooms. One thing sure, this new feature-length access on cars and big banditry is not like the others. In the lead role, we find Ansel Elgort (Divergente, Nos Etoiles Contraires) who embodies Baby. In this new role, the actor is simply amazing. The international star switches registers to embody an ace of the wheel much more smart than one thinks. However, Baby’s decisions will take him on a winding road that has only one way out. If Kevin Spacey or Jamie Foxx will take advantage of the young man’s talents for personal gain, everything will change when he meets the person who will change his life.

Yes, love will be there when Baby meets Deborah (Lily James), a waitress working in a Dining room. If Ansel Elgort has very little dialogue in Baby Driver, everything passes through his face and emotions. The actor is simply amazing in this role. If the casting of Baby Driver makes dream, it is indeed another secondary character that marks this slap of summer 2017, music. Throughout the film, we follow the emotions of Baby through its incredible playlist. If Edgar Wright seems to have built his last feature film as a musical, he has also given a new dimension to his central character. Suffering from tinnitus, Baby escapes through his rock and catchy music. In any case, between the film La Colle, which also goes out today in the movies, and Baby Driver, there is something to occupy during the long summer nights.