Back pain : only the movement avoids the risk of chronic pain later

Health 18 December, 2017


Published the 18.12.2017 to 14h59


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It is far the time where you’re advised to stay in bed for rest at the lower back pain. Now, the trend is in motion. Health Insurance is developing a major programme to improve the care of back pain with a single word of order : “The right treatment, this is the movement ! “

The rest, it is the enemy of the muscles of the back

The fact of practicing physical activity significantly decreases the risk of chronic pain in the back. In effect, it prevents degeneration of muscles around the spine. The spinal column is in fact a kind of “iron concrete” and the concrete, it is the muscles that are all around, but in addition to fragile : the rest worse then the pain in the long term.
Low back pain is the back pain the most common and the most widespread : 84 % of people will experience once in their life. It attacks the lumbar vertebrae, located in the lower back.

Render service to the general public

Regularly, on your televisions, spots advertising health Insurance scroll. For several weeks, the back is targeted : “in order To push through the pain and not let it install, it is necessary to continue to move,” advises the voice-over of the spot. It is true that at the beginning, it is a little difficult but it really is the most effective “.
So far, the move does not mean doing high level sport, but rather have a physical activity that makes work the back. It is encouraged to discuss with his doctor the best practices to adopt in function of its age, its physical and its tastes (Tai Chi, ballroom dance, yoga, gymnastics…).
To accompany the patient, a support system has been put in place, in particular through a free application of tips to the back, ” Activ’Back “. It allows you to get the right strength-training exercises, relaxation and stretching, while improving its knowledge on the dos and on the postures that the preserve daily.

In terms of movement, the Insurance shown in the example.