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Entertainment 3 April, 2017

This Wednesday, March 29, some lucky ones were able to meet Joana on the occasion of the first MasterClass organized by melty Talents House. If you have not had the opportunity to be selected, we will come back for you on this event.
Last Wednesday, JusteJo gave the first MasterClass organized by Melty Talents House. As for each MasterClass to come, only 7 people have had the chance to meet her and exchange with her on her course, her experience and of course, ask her full questions.
During this workshop, Joana explained her debut on Youtube, her career, her professional meetings, her collaborations and the material she uses. She told us “when I started, I did not expect to live that” .
According to her, ” you must not be dependent on Youtube, you must do this out of passion” and “you have to find a balance between Youtube and school” .
Here are a few key tips from Joana to start her Youtube channel: you have to find what you really like and what you want to do as specific content on your channel, you also have to stay yourself and not create yourself A character in front of the camera, otherwise it will be seen and finally, one must go for fun and not be fake.
It was then the guests’ turn to speak and ask all their questions to Joana.
The workshop naturally ended in a very good atmosphere.
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