Badass heroines at the cinema, dares tell them that it’s the “weak sex” to see!

Cinema 16 February, 2017

Will not upset these girls or else you risk paying it with your life.
And of 5! Sélène is slipping her leather this Wednesday, February 15 for the release of “Underworld: Blood Wars” in which she will still try to calm the ardor of vampires and lycans. A blockbuster in the form of jewel case for this heroine which has known to impose itself over the years in the very closed circle of badass girls of the 7th art .
In fact, if tomorrow a 100% female Expendables were to see the light, she would certainly be accompanied by these killeuses.
Ripley in “Alien”
It is not a few aliens of anything at all who are going to drunk madame during his trip in the Space. Ellen Ripley is the epitome of a strong woman who needs only her courage and her gun to survive in a hostile environment . An example for eternity.
Selene in “Underworld”
At the heart of a merciless war between lycans and vampires, Sélène chose not to choose any camp, except that of peace. Well, this peace you do not get by waving a white flag eh. The sexy Kate Beckinsale is rather adept at the strong method, with guns and tight-fitting leather outfit as main arguments . The lady is still in danger of sending us a dream on February 15th …
Katniss in “Hunger Games”
A rebel of the society. Katniss made her May 68 by refusing to indulge in the little game of the powerful who wanted roughly that she crashes or stumbles her boyfriend Peeta in a macabre reality show. The miss has more than one rope to her bow and represents the ultimate source of inspiration for the new generation .
Black Mamba in “Kill BIll”
If your blaze is on his list, you can already go and pray for a sweet and fast death. Thirsty for bloodthirsty vengeance, Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba has cut into slices all those who left her for dead at her wedding, including this Bill’s crack . Tarantino pure juice with a Uma Thurman at the top of his art, which could be found for a third episode according to an insistent rumor. We are already saying yes.
Rey in “Star Wars VII”
The turn was risky, to the point of arousing a certain skepticism in the fans. But finally, JJ Abrams made a master stroke by starring a woman , Daisy Ridley, in Star Wars VII: The Awakening of Strength . His character Jedi warrior is at the heart of the new intergalactic arc, and soon showed his qualities by kicking the ass of his cousin emo Kylo Ren. The Force is with her.
Luc Besson has the art and the way to put women in the spotlight. We saw him recently with “Lucy” (Scarlett Johansson), “Colombiana” (Zoey Saldana) or “The Fifth Element” (Milla Jovovich). But the one that opened the way to all these badass heroines is undoubtedly the French Anne Parillaud in 1990 in the punchy “Nikita” . The story of a condemned to perpet ‘who is recruited by the French secret services to become an ultra-efficient killer. From gold to bar.
Trinity in “Matrix”
The real ones know: Neo may be the Chosen One, without the help of Trinity, he would still be in his rotten jaws on the dark web. The miss is a weapon of mass destruction, capable of breaking a whole squadron of cops, as in the mythical intro scene of the first film . This is not a bug of the womb, it’s the holy Trinity.
HIt-Girl in “Kick Ass”
Again, if Dave Lizewski aka Kick-Ass has the 1st role in this parody of superhero movies, the most badass character is the opposite sex. A little girl a few years old, who instead of going to dissect frogs in the course of SVT in college, prefers to practice on real people . Naughty, of course. Hit-Girl is an it-girl that deserves to be on this list.
Lisbeth Salander in “Millenium”
Despite her faceless physique , Lisbeth Salander defends the widow and the orphan as an Amazon warrior in the “Millennium” trilogy . Gare the guys who beat their wives, the latter have for guardian angel a little girl as balèze as a dragon.
Alice in “Resident Evil”
Fallen into the land of the zombies, Alice has become hardened to become a war machine. With her, a season of “The Walking Dead” would last only one episode, time to bone all the prowlers of the country . Take that in your face Rick!