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Entertainment 24 January, 2018

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On may 19, prince Harry of England and the actress Meghan Markle will say yes for a ceremony royal is already promising to be the event of the year. After a time of reflection, it has just been confirmed that Barack and Michelle Obama have been invited to the wedding.

While prince Harry and former u.s. president Barack Obama have forged strong links in recent years, there was the issue that little son of the queen could not invite his friend and his wife for reasons of protocol. In fact, it would have been bad taste to invite the former president of the United States without also inviting the current… and Donald Trump would be the last person that the royal family would like to see land at this wedding. A few weeks ago, a member of the English government, was quoted by the newspaper the Sun : “Harry has been very clear on the fact that he wanted to invite the couple Obama at her wedding. This causes a lot of tension. Trump might react very badly if the Obama go to a royal wedding even before he had a chance to meet the queen.”

But the american magazine US Weekly has just confirmed that the couple Obama had been invited. And as Meghan Markle and prince Harry was planning to invite to their wedding of the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie. The senior political figures will, therefore, celebrities such as Serena Williams, actress Priyanka Chopra and former colleagues of Meghan Markle on the series Suits as well as the members of the royal family of England, and various members of the gotha.

After the engagement last fall, there remains no more than a few months the young couple to prepare for what promises to be the most likely as one of the year’s events. Meghan Markle would have already chosen the designer of her wedding dress and apprêterait to wrap the fittings.

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