Barack’s dog and Michelle Obama bit a girl in the face at the White House

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

One often sees the dogs of American presidents appearing in official pictures. This time, Sunny is illustrated in a slightly less diplomatic register: she bit a young visitor in the face.
Monday, at the White House, one of the two Portuguese dogs of the Obama couple bit a young guest in the face. The young woman of 18, visiting the building, gets away with a slight wound: a few stitches all the same. To this day, we still do not know why the Sunny dog, had this aggressive behavior. Perhaps she felt that the departure of the White House was imminent for his masters and herself. It must be said that their cries are currently around the world . According to the website TMZ , the young woman wanted to kiss the dog, the animal has obviously little tasted.
More fear than evil, in the end. She was examined by the White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, who realized the stitches. The Obama family has two Portuguese water dogs, Sunny and Bo. Animals are very used to having people at home, so many visitors. Traditionally specialized in sea rescues, this dog breed is not honestly reputed to be an aggressive breed. Reached by TMZ , the White House has not commented on this event.