Bariatric surgery : positive results at 5 years with diabetes

Health 20 January, 2018


Published the 20.01.2018 to 09: 00


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surgery bariatriquediabète type 2

To reduce the cardiovascular risks related to diabetes type 2, it is necessary to control blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol. Bariatric surgery or gastric bypass, allows you to control these different parameters. But it is not clear whether these effects were sustainable. A new study answers this question after follow-up for 5 years 120 obese adults with diiabète type 2.

An improved mixed

Half of the patients have received bariatric surgery and the other half received only lifestyle advice and medication. After 5 years of follow-up, 13 participants ( 23%) of the group surgery, and 2 (4%) in the group not operated on had achieved all the goals set by the doctors. About the only goal of HbA1C less than 7%, 31 of group surgery ( 55%), and 8 ( 14%) had been reached. If the improvement of diabetes is always observable 5 years after the operation, the effect is reduced over time. The authors therefore consider that a longer follow-up is needed to understand if the improvement persists.