Bastard, bastard : the strange exchange between Emmanuel Macron and his body guard Gala

Entertainment 29 January, 2018

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The 25 and 26 January, Emmanuel Macron was on a trip in the Puy-de-Dome. As so often when meeting the French, the president of the Republic has lent the game of selfies and autographs. During this walkabout, an exchange somewhat of a surprise was spotted by the cameras Daily, between the head of State and his guard corps.

Like its predecessors, Emmanuel Macron has numerous body-guard to ensure his safety. In a documentary entitled behind The scenes of a victory, the French had discovered one of them, the colossus Makao template very imposing. Very friendly, we saw the friendly congolese 130 pounds fun to multiply selfies with tourists.

But this time, it is a police officer, obviously very close to the president of the Republic that is being talked about. Travelers in Clermont-Ferrand, Emmanuel Macron has received numerous requests for autographs. For the sign, the head of the State has found it to be quite annoyed, having no solid support for writing. One of his body guards he was then offered a satchel to support it, but it proved to be ineffective, because it is too flexible. “In fact, it is the stew” admitted the policeman.

Mood teases the head of State then commented that if his body guards were not of a rigid support, it was because ” they have never found one that knows how to write.” Emmanuel Macron laughed a lot at his joke, the policeman had replied ” the bastard “, in the same tone of the joke, as we might say to a close friend. The latter has even added ” oh, the stinker “, while the head of the State continued to laugh at the joke. A little joke between the two men who would have had to pass unnoticed but which was recorded by our colleagues from the program Daily.

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