Batman: Ben Affleck can not ask questions about the movie

Cinema 17 January, 2017

Ben Affleck is at the heart of all conversations as he is the man who controls Batman’s future in cinema. A responsibility that begins to annoy him.
If you see Ben Affleck in the street, you can say hello, but especially ESPECIALLY do not ask him questions about the movie Batman . While the actor has a say in the script, it plays the main role and that direct the film, he starts having a little tired of the media obsession with the film Batman announced by Warner / DC Comics. Currently in full promotion of his film Live By Night which will be released tomorrow in France , Affleck had to face the journalists who, to his misfortune, were more interested in the Batman project by the movie that he had come to defend. He did not hesitate to express his frustration in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. He said: “O my god, it’s so boring Whenever I talk about Batman, it makes a big fuss” .
He continues: “When I was preparing Live By Night, which took me 2 years, no one asked me where I was everyone wonder!” Batman, Batman, Batman “… Batman advance and it’ll be great. We’ll do something really special. We will take our time to get it right. We’ll do well and fans will love ” . There you are. Let Ben work and now he has promised something very cool, it must wait calmly until the release of Batman announced in 2018!