Batman: Ben Affleck will NOT make the film

Cinema 31 January, 2017

The news has fallen and the rumor is confirmed: Ben Affleck leaves his place of director to someone else and will not slip behind the camera for Batman.
This is THE question that Ben Affleck has struggled to escape and now things are official: Ben Affleck will not realize the solo film about Batman . The actor had to play the lead role, write the script and slip behind the camera, but he will eventually focus on his game and let other people do the rest. A news that is a bit scary to fans who see there a confirmation that the movie Batman will not be what they hope for. So how Ben Affleck was justified? Here is what he said in a statement: “There are some characters that have a special place in the hearts of millions of people play these roles requires concentration, passion and the best service we can give. “.
He continues: “It became clear to me that I can not give everything as an actor and director at the same time with the studio we decided to work with another director who will work with me on this awesome movie. . I’m still part of the project, the film is still, but now it is looking for a director. I’m still very involved in this project and look forward to life and show it to fans in the world ” . So good or bad news? It is understood that Ben Affleck is focused only on his acting job, especially since Batman fans are not the most tender when it comes to seeing their favorite hero on the big screen, but Ben Affleck, who is currently Poster Live by Night is known for his directorial talents and promised to offer us a different film from what we have seen so far! Are you disappointed that Ben Affleck leaves his place?