Batman: Ben Affleck’s role challenged?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

This is a rumor that we would have done well at the beginning of 2017: Ben Affleck could question his participation in the film Batman.

Ben please, do not do that … It is ugly to make us start 2017 with this kind of information, although for the moment nothing is confirmed. While the actor originally from Boston endorsed in 2016 the costume of the judge of Gotham (becoming at the same time one of the only positive points of Batman Vs Superman), it did not take long for the Warner announces the production Of a solo film devoted to the bat man. Not only Ben Affleck take over the role of Batman, but he also would slip behind the camera to direct the film. Things looked good, especially with the announcement of Deathstroke in the role of villain in Batman, but Ben Affleck wanted to calm our passions!
In a recent interview with The Guardian, Ben said about his participation in the film as director: “It is not yet certain, there is no scenario If the result of the script does not suit me. if I think things can be different and / or better, then I will not do ” . Ben Affleck is an actor and a director to whom critics and spectators are not always very tender and we respect his decision: why embark on a project if we think it is not good? Hoping to see the film soon, here are 5 characters we would see in Batman !