Batman: Joe Mangeniallo (Deathstroke) missing from the movie?

The production of the solo film on Batman is not a long quiet river and everything can still change, including the presence of Deathstroke.
Decidedly, we are no longer sure of anything! The solo film around Batman seems to encounter new obstacles since the launch of its production and with all the rumors circulating, we really do not know what to expect. While Ben Affleck was in charge of producing, producing and playing in The Batman , the actor finally decided not to slip behind the camera to give himself thoroughly as an actor. A new director has since been chosen, but the film is still in a shaded area. While Joe Mangeniallo was announced in the role of Deathstroke for The Batman and the actor tries to reassure the fans for months on the project, it comes from a blow to make everyone doubt.
Recently interviewed by Pittsburg Today Live, the actor responded strangely to a question regarding the presence of Deathstroke in The Batman . The actor shrugged and replied “Humm. Maybe we’ll see . ” What’s happening ? It was Ben Affleck himself who had teased the presence of Deathstrocke to the casting of The Batman and today we learn that it will perhaps not be there? Maybe the actor is just sick of answering questions about the movie …

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