Batman: Josh Gad in the role of the Penguin?

Cinema 4 May, 2017

Rumors continue to circulate around the DC Comics characters that we will find in The Batman & Josh Gad just revived the flame.
Who are we going to find in The Batman , the next solo film about the bat man, this time played by Ben Affleck? If the Oscar-winning actor and director had fun teasing what we were expecting a few months ago, he ended up getting tired of all the questions and since then, it’s a bit of a film-of-which- Must-not-speak . Fortunately we can count on the statements of other actors like Joe Mangeniallo who gave some details recently on Deathstroke in The Batman or Josh Gad who waved the planet DC Comics last night. So ok, no concrete statement but a picture of a character EMBLEMATIC in the universe of Batman, The Penguin!
The actor recently seen in The Beauty and the Beast where he lent his features to The Fool simply tweeted an image of the character without any legend what immediately launched the rumors. Other indices that could announce its presence in the film, the fact that the actor was followed on Twitter by two executive producers at Warner for the films DC Comics. The last time it happened, we learned of the arrival of Joe Mangeniallo on The Batman . So, soon an official announcement?