Batman: The director of John Wick 2 at the controls?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Since its beginnings the film encounters some difficulties and it does not manage with the discontinuance of the future director. The quest for a new director is open!
This is the last week that the news came about Batman: Ben Affleck NOT direct the film . At the beginning the actor wanted to multiply the caps, writer, director and actor but it seems to have turned short what is not worse according to the fans. Indeed, could the actor have accumulated all the roles and engage thoroughly each time? Many doubted and even Ben Affleck finally admitted: “It became clear to me that I can not give anything as an actor and director at the same time” . Who will then succeed Ben Affleck at the controls of the film about the Black Knight? At Moviepilot, the question came up with Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick! He is certainly not the best known director but he possesses strong skills that would integrate without problems in the universe DCEU. Co-director of the first part of John Wick and director John Wick 2 , Stahelski conquered the public in 2014 by dosing perfectly Action, thriller and character development. A mixture that the DCEU has difficulty to put in place in its films.
Accustomed to the dark world of John Wick , Stahelski will be no difficulty in finding their Gotham in the shallows. It should also be noted that he is not only director but also coordinator of the cascades and choreographer fights! He thus participate in many films like Hunger Games, Wolverine or Expendables and will direct the reboot of Highlander planned for 2018. A CV that is reassuring about the fighting scenes Batman . Although it is more director, Ben Affleck wants to work closely with those who will be driving. One would then have on one side a director able to develop characters, film scenes of combat and on the other an Oscar-winning director / screenwriter to keep an eye on the whole. An alliance that could spark undoubtedly! For now, Warner Bros does not seem to have found a replacement and the names are flooding on the Web. What if the Deadpool director directed the film Batman? Everything is possible and the fans do not fail to share their opinion on this subject. What do you think of this director?