Baywatch – Alert In Malibu: Alexandra Daddario confides in his character

Cinema 1 May, 2017

Alexandra Daddario will be in the adaptation of Baywatch – Alert in Malibu and she gave some details about her character, Summer Quinn.
In less than two months, summer will be there and with, the beach and bathing desires. And guess who, in the meantime, will play the rescuers in shorts in red in our cinemas? Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and Zac Efron, in Baywatch – Alert in Malibu, whose French poster you can discover . Yes, they dared to adapt the cult series of the 90s! Alexandra Daddario ( San Andreas, Percy Jackson ) will also be part, in the role of Summer Quinn, formerly embodied by Nicole Eggert in the original series. But do not expect to find the same Summer Quinn as the 1990s. According to the actress, it will indeed be somewhat different. “My Summer Quinn, She is a difficult girl who is not the kind to be pissed off. She has a lot of humor and she desperately wants to be a Baywatch rescuer. We see her evolution as a rookie, how much she tries to do the best, and then her relationship with the character of Zac Efron also evolves , ” said Alexandra Daddario.
As for the film as a whole, Alexandra Daddario also teased a certain modernity compared to the original series. Still happy, knowing that it is twenty years old. “We modernized it. It’s more than breasts bouncing on the beach. There is also something to please the women, of course, and then we tried to make it as fun as possible, while paying tribute to the original series , “said the actress. And we just have to see the French trailer for Baywatch, completely crazy , to believe it. Directed by Seth Gordon, the man behind the comedy How to kill his boss? , This film promises to be a concentrate of fun, humor and memorable aquatic scenes. And the duo Dwayne Johnson-Zac Efron promises to be epic. We are therefore looking forward to being on the 21st of June to discover the comedy of the summer. And you what do you think ?