Baywatch – Alert In Malibu: Alexandra Daddario in 3 roles!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

Alexandra Daddario will be on Wednesday at Baywatch – Alert to Malibu in the role of Summer. Back on the career of the actress.
Who does not know Alexandra Daddario ? If his name does not tell you much, his eyes of a disturbing blue haunt you long after the end of the film. At 31 years old the American actress already has a resume loaded and she did not just do the cinema. Yes, it touches a little at all and after passages remarked in several series like True Detective or American Horror Story , it also played in one of the clips of the group Imagine Dragons , Radioactive . We will meet her on Wednesday in the comedy Baywatch – Alert in Malibu alongside Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson , the opportunity for us to come back on its most significant roles!
Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief – In this franchise, the young actress took her first steps in the movies alongside Logan Lerman in 2010. Alexandra Daddario lent her traits to the character of Annabeth, a half Greek goddess girl The mortal Frederick Chase and the goddess Athena, chosen to rebuild Olympus after the second war of the Titans. Alexandra then returned for the following release in 2013.
San Andreas – Alexandra Daddario and Dwayne Johnson did not meet on the shooting of Baywatch as the young woman was playing her daughter in the San Andreas catastrophe film . She survived an earthquake, a tidal wave and came back from the dead man after drowning … So we are ready to trust her when it comes to us Save life in Baywatch!
Baywatch, Alert to Malibu – If Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron form a beautiful poster, we can already confess that in the film Alexandra Daddario breaks the screen in the role of Summer, she is nice, she is strong, She joins the team of rescuers and she is MAGNIFAICA as our friend Cristina would say … So only for her, we advise you to go see it!