Baywatch – Alert To Malibu: Priyanka Chopra “I was inspired by the bad guys of James Bond”

Cinema 22 June, 2017

After Quantico, Priyanka Chopra passes on the side of the bad guys in Baywatch, in the cinema since June 21st. Discover our exclusive interview!
If you find it is already hot, wait to see Baywatch in the movies . This is the most calient comedy we have ever seen. And for good reason, the film is adapted from the cult series of the 90’s, Alert to Malibu . But this time, not David Hasselhoff or Pamela Anderson. The new rescuers in the red swimsuit are none other than Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario or Kelly Rohrbach . But while we might think that watching a beach is an easy job, things will get a bit complicated for the team when a woman named Victoria Leeds is going to disturb the tranquility of the beach with drugs and murders . The latter is embodied by Priyanka Chopra , aka Alex Parrish in the series Quantico . A role that was originally intended for a man but the director quickly changed his mind and preferred the Indian actress. A double pride for Priyanka, who begins his career in cinema with this role. Discover our exclusive interview below!
Alert to Malibu is a series that everyone knows. But what made you want to be part of this adaptation exactly?
I always loved Alert in Malibu . When I started looking, I was 7 years old, my mother loved the series and so I was watching with her. And then I like the fact that I play the villain in the movie. For my first American film, I was rather excited to play something different.
How would you describe your character, Victoria Leeds?
Victoria was supposed to be a man. Basically, the character had been written for a man. But our director, Seth Gordon, thought it would be more interesting to have a wife, that it would make a better opponent for The Rock. And I’m so glad it’s me. Victoria is a woman in a man’s world. It wants power, it wants to control everything and it destroys all those who are in its path. So the rescuers are really annoying for her and she is not afraid to make them understand.
Were you inspired by other big bad guys in the cinema?
If I have to be honest, yes! I took a little inspiration from the bad guys from James Bond. They are quite normal, they do not have horrible horns that come out of their heads. They do not say they are bad guys.
Compared to the original series, what does this new adaptation bring back, according to you?
For me, the film has recovered all the elements that made the success of Alert to Malibu and made them somehow transformed to make it more crazy. The series was a good series, but that’s a completely crazy movie.
Which scene did you prefer to shoot?
When Zac Efron looks at me and yells: “you’re crazy!” , And I look at him and say, “If I were a man, you would describe me as passionate . ” This is one of my favorite replies because somewhere is true. She’s a girl, so she’s called mad.
What is your worst beach memory?
I do not have much because I love the ocean, it’s my favorite place. As soon as I need to feel better, I sit in front of the ocean and all is well. But if I reflect, I would say that the paparazzi are really unbearable. It’s very intrusive. Once again, I walked on a rock and I cut off my foot!
And your best memory of beach?
Simply sit on the beach with my friends and listen to the sea. It’s so relaxing.