Beauty and the Beast: How long will the film last?

Cinema 28 January, 2017

Inspired by the animated film of 1991, The Beauty and the Beast version 2017 will necessarily be different. Starting with its much more ambitious duration, which we know now!
If you are unbeatable on the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast , then you already know that it lasts 84 minutes. At the time of the Hollywood blockbusters of two hours minimum, necessarily, it may seem a little short! At the same time, it should not be forgotten that on its release, the feature film was mainly intended for a very young audience (of which the majority of the meltynautes was undoubtedly part). What will not necessarily be the case of the film worn by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens … Obviously , that one necessarily last a little longer than the animated version. Besides, it’s official, we know now the exact duration of Beauty and the Beast Version 2017: 123 minutes or 2 hours and 3 minutes from Disney magic revisited in this new version of the tale, already centuries old.
So, at the editorial, it was immediately said that such a long film should take the time to detail every step of this love story. But above all, in addition to exploring the nascent feelings of Beauty and the Beast, the feature film will undoubtedly benefit from these two hours to give a more adult view of the scenario. Yes, like all stories, Beauty and the Beast is also a hidden meaning and a moral that can escape when you are still a child … In two hours, we will have no excuse to miss Of the deep sense of the story, and that’s pretty cool. We still have things to learn from this legendary tale, it makes us a good excuse to get away from the movies March 22! And if you would rather have seen Emma Watson in Cinderella in Beauty and the Beast, discover what role suits him best . Impatient to finally discover The Beauty and the Beast on the big screen?