Beauty and the Beast: The Beast tries to seduce Belle in a new TV spot

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Christmas is perhaps over, but the magic continues with this new TV spot of Beauty and the Beast, which will make you melt for sure!
In March 2017, one of the most beautiful love stories of the Disney universe back to life on our big screens: that of Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson in the role of Belle and Dan Stevens in that of the Beast . Both say that melty, as fans of the first hour, we looked forward to, and even more since the first trailer was unveiled we , more magical than ever, and very, very faithful to Original cartoon! If faithful moreover, that one will find absolutely all the scenes that have done the magic of the original cartoon, and especially those where the Beast tries to seduce Belle, resulting in comical situations and mignonneries that would melt anyone. Well, these are the ones that the Disney studios decided to unveil us in a TV spot entirely dedicated to the actions of the Beast that will eventually melt the heart of Belle.
Between the Beast who is coached by Light, Big Ben and Mrs. Pott, offering us his most beautiful (or more awful, hard to know) smile, the moment he rescues Belle from the claws of the wolves or even the scene under the snow, this TV spot is a concentrate of humor, bravery and romanticism. 30 small seconds, but enough to make us laugh, make us stress, we let go of “Oooh” excitement or give us in tears by so much tenderness and Mignonnerie. And that’s only 30 seconds! So we look forward to see the film in its entirety on 22 March, especially Emma Watson grows beautifully singing.